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Wine Law

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Oregon Wine is the talk of the town. The Willamette Valley in the Northwest region of Oregon is now producing some world class pinot noir wines. Simultaneously, the Applegate Valley, near Grants Pass, Oregon, continues to raise the bar. Grapes that flourish in Southern Oregon include Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which are considered the region's dominant varietals. With Oregon's wine economy booming, the laws impacting Oregon wineries are also evolving. 
Laws and regulations affecting licenses and permits connected to entotourism, importation and exportation of wine, and labeling, among others, can be complex and difficult to comply with even for the sophisticated winery owner. Mr. Cook recognized an increasing need for innovative legal services in this area; thus, Cook Law is here to help meet that demand.
Mr. Cook has experience in business and business law and worked as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley with people connected to the wine industry. Mr. Cook also understands the long and arduous process that producing good wine demands, and he does not like to see talent and hard work wasted. Winery owners, buyers and sellers, and others in this rapidly expanding industry don't have time to study law as they have businesses to run. But at Cook Law, that is the business. And Mr. Cook is very enthusiastic about Oregon wine. 
Cook law offers legal services to assist you with your domestic and international wine business needs, while always at the ready to provide legal consultation on personal matters that arise in most peoples lives at one time or another, such  as family disputes or criminal defense issues. 
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