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Most reasonable people do not want to go to trial, and in fact, the vast majority of cases settle. But the Cook Law philosophy is that it is morally imperative to stand up and fight for what is just and fair, rather than be taken advantage of. If no reasonable offer of settlement is forthcoming when one is deserved, Mr. Cook will not hesitate to zealously advocate on his client's behalf in a court of law. In fact, he enjoys being on his feet making successful arguments in court that catch his opponents off guard. 


The advantage goes to those who are prepared. Successful trial law also hinges on having a rock solid understanding of the rules of evidence and how to apply them most effectively. This must be second nature; Mr. Cook understands that and will do what needs to be done to give his clients the best chance of winning. 

Cook Law offers civil litigation in multiple areas of practice, but is particularly focused on disputes in the  wine and vineyard community.
Wine or Vineyard Disputes
  • Arbitration and Mediation

  • Business and Commercial

  • Breach of Contract

  • Personal Injury (plaintiff or defendant)

  • Water Law

  • Trademark

  • Employer-Side Disputes

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